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The Apennine School of Living Philosophy offers courses in philosophical methods of human flourishing, which cover, among others, following areas: Philosophical and Literary Sources of Western Identity; Wellbeing in Nature – Philosophical Traditions, Research, and Practice; Western and Eastern Roots of Mindfulness and Associated Therapies. The courses consist of both lectures (theory) and exercises (practice), e.g.: reading materials, participating in contemplations, meditations, thought experiments, mindful presence in nature – which are often modelled around exercises proposed by ancient philosophical schools (both Western and Eastern). The workshops also include micro-expeditions into wilderness and trips to places crucial for shaping of the Western identity, such as the Monastery of San Benedetto in Subiaco (RM).

The partners of The Apennine School of Living Philosophy are: Parco  Naturale dei Monte Simbruini, and the town of Subiaco.

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