What exactly is the Apennine School of Living Philosophy, who teaches there, who are the students and what are the subjects?
The Apennine School of Living Philosophy (ASOLP) is an authored project, in which the philosopher (Dr. Marcin Fabjański) and sometimes guest trainers facilitate what is traditionally known in philosophy as human flourishing. Students come from all life paths and explore three roads leading to flourishing: philosophical inquiry, meditation, and conscious contact with nature in proportions that suit their personalities.
And who actually are you?
I am a doctor of philosophy, academic lecturer, author of seven books, documentary film director and award-winning journalist, who has lived and worked in three continents. I studied western Philosophy at the universities in Poznań (Poland) and York (UK) and spent more than two years meditating in Buddhist centers and monasteries in Asia. I have experience of over 20 years in research, lecturing and counselling, as a result of which I created a framework for developing flourishing, a method called Attuning to the Process of Life, which I teach at The Apennine School of Living Philosophy.
What will I gain by coming to your school?
Attuning to the Process of Life Living will help you to add a new dimension to your daily living, helping you to reflect deeply about your life and to keep healthy relationship with natural processes both within and outside of your body.
Will I learn how to relax?
Quite probably, as a by-product.
Will I improve my health?
Do not expect miracles. The School is not a sanctuary, where the disabled leave their crutches. But plenty of research says that both meditation and presence in nature enhance our health.
How big are the groups?
You will find yourself in a group of no more than 12 people, working in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, as a community of investigators.
Do I have to be very fit to participate?
During some workshops we may do a light trekking and spend some time meditating in caves, but you do not have to be exceptionally fit. In case of disability, contact us beforehand.
Do I have to know philosophy or have experience in meditation practice to fully participate in the school activities?
I am a vegan/vegetarian. Will I die from hunger at your school?
There is a healthy vegan and vegetarian food available.
Can I come and do not participate in your programs?
No. The School is not a tourist center. It welcomes any people hungry for philosophy or meditation. We keep reasonably quiet, half-contemplative life (in case of some workshops fully contemplative). For tourist accommodation in Parco Naturale dei Monti Simbruini see: http://www.parks.it/parco.monti.simbruini/Esog.php 
Will I learn levitation, reading aura or precognition?
How do I reach the school?
You need to come to one of the Rome airports: Campino or Fumicino. From there you can reach the town of Subiaco by public transportation, and we will pick you up there. In case of groups comng for workshops transportation from the airports is arranged. 
Can I bring my dog with me?
Both you and your dog are welcomed, but call us beforehand (just you, not the dog).