Ancient Therapies: Giving Meaning to Your Life

A Practical Review of the Strategies for Happy Life: Buddha, Epicurus, Stoics

Trevi nel Lazio, Apennine Mountains
May 11-15, 2019
Group up to 12 people

This workshop will introduce you to meditative and reflective methods of ancient philosophical schools. It’s aim is
to awaken your mind, or experience of what ancient philosophical schools of the West called ataraxia (deep insight into nature of existence accompanied with extraordinary serenity). The tile of the workshop “Ancient Therapies” refers to the therapeutical teachings of the Stoics, Epicurus and Buddha. All of them state that creativity, happiness and peace of mind can be reached only by understanding how the process of life works and acting in harmony with this insight. We will not achieve these objectives by fortifying a strong ego in opposition to the process of life.

Sample day schedule:
1. Meditation – getting to know your own mind and body
2. Breakfast
3. Morning block: working with emotions and thinking patterns
4. Lunch
5. The afternoon block: theory and practice of meditation, joint inquiry
6. Dinner in the town of Trevi nel Lazio
7. Individual meditation/conversation with the teacher / free time

Part of the program is an unforgettable trek to Monte Autore (1855 m above sea level), on picture below:

The cost of this workshop is EUR 590. The price includes accommodation, transport inside the Simbruini National Park, breakfast and lunch (the cost of dinner at local restaurants is approx. 15 Euro). In the case of a reservation before February 15, the price in the promotion is EUR 500. The number of places is limited to 12 people.To secure place write to:

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